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3. Schedule an intake appointment by clicking the Registered  Appointment link at on this website.  Select initial appointment .  All appointments are paid in advance, using PayPal or STRIPE at the time of scheduling.  You will be contacted by Dr  Miller via preferred mode: Vsee( recommended) ,Skype, or Facetime (your preference) at the time of your appointment. 

1. Download and complete this registration packet: 

490.7 KB 

 or link: New_Patient_Registration__1_.p490.7 KB

Dr Miller's medical/neuropsychiatric/psychotherapy services requires  various informed consents, please download forms  at this website-
select FORMS from sidebar . Once completed, submitted, reviewed, and approved by Dr Miller , you'll receive a email or call from Dr Miller to set up your initial session.

A QUICK LINK TO INITIAL questionnaire packet is below.  Future scheduling is one click away once registered and accepted. If immediate questions or clarification; go to Contact us and send email to

2. Return the completed packet to Dr Miller by fax or email along with a photocopy of your government-issued ID.   Dr Miller  will review these records and will contact you to approve scheduling.  You must await contact from Dr  Miller before proceeding to the next step.

Other requirements for participation in telepsychiatry include:

* High speed internet connection (fiber, cable, or DSL providing at least 5MB download, 1MB upload speeds).  Click HERE to check your internet speed.

* High quality computer with updated security protocols.

* Vsee, Skype or Facetime Account, tested successfully prior to your first appointment. is available as a free download- go to Skype is available as a free download. 


NOTE: To register in Dr Miller’s clinic, you must be 18 years old and a resident of Ohio, Virginia, California, or South Carolina. Ages 15-17 patients need parental consent and signature of all forms.