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Please check Dr. Miller's Messages/blog for information on Dr. Miller's practice updates. Send him a message at this icon to your right or through the Contact Us page. He now is accepting fee for service patients in his TelePsychiatry practice. Patients must be legal residents of Virginia, Ohio, South Carolina, California. 

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TMS-Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation:

For Treatment Resistant Depression in Veterans


Neurocognitive Performance,Memory,Attention, and Brain Functioning Status can be tested with CNS Vitals Signs assessments:

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Dr Miller is the current Director of rTMS Neuromodulation clinic at 

VAMC- Hampton.

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Dr. Miller has been trained in the Biopsychosocial-spiritual,neuro-psychiatric assessment of patients. 

With Telemedicine/Telepsychiatry, your Mental Health and Wellness are addressed with specific recommendations for treatment, ensuring a reduction of symptoms and a return to a normal and “better than normal” baseline of Health and Happiness.

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