NeuroPsychiatry - TelePsychiatry-TMS           Organizational/Performance Consulting & Coaching


"These dynamic factors influence a person’s wellness and illness behaviors. Obstacles to 'wellness' - stressors as ; acute and chronic medical conditions, sudden and dramatic changes to one’s life situation, unpredictable trauma and loss, impaired coping and communication skills are the welcomed challenge  to the healing process. Interventions might include medical exams, consultation, family education sessions, onsite and offsite assessments and testing, use of individual or group therapies." The complex integration of all pertinent and divergent data is best done in a trusting professional relationship offered by Dr Miller to his patients and clients. In the healing journey from Distress and Disease to Wellness and Contentment, Dr Miller's patient/client is guided in self fulfillment and discovery of ' to know oneself,'  thus more attuned to the needs of self and others. 

Dr. Miller offers comprehensive assessments from his Neuropsychiatric and bio-psycho-social-spiritual  perspective that employs his knowledge and experience from 30+ years of practicing medicine. This approach embraces an individual's life developmental story taking into consideration genetics, personality development, coping skills and defenses, interpersonal relationships, family, environmental, academic and learning styles, cultural issues, economic, multiple life roles and responsibilities.